Life as a House

Life as a House este unul din filmele mele de suflet; Kevin Kline face un rol magistral in aceasta drama intensa si plina de emotie despre greselile trecutului, despre relatiile dintre parinti si copii si despre faptul ca oamenii cu adevarat buni vor face intotdeauna ceea ce este bine si drept, chiar daca unii mai tarziu decat altii.

Mai jos aveti [de la minutul 4:30] una dintre cele mai frumoase, intense si triste delcaratii de dragoste pe care le-am vazut vreodata si o scena de film pe care o iubesc.

“Do I still love you? Absolutely. There is not a doubt in my mind. Through all my mind, my ego…I was always faithful in my love for you. That I made you doubt it, that is the great mistake of a life full of mistakes. The truth doesn’t set us free, Robin. I can tell you I love you as many times as you can stand to hear it and all that does, the only thing, is remind us…that love is not enough. Not even close.

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