Carey Mulligan in On the Other Side

First Look Media va co-produce si finanta On the Other Side, un nou film de razboi bazat pe o poveste adevarata, in care Carey Mulligan (Suffragette) va juca rolul principal.

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Noua drama este inspirata din cartea On the Other Side: 23 Days with the Vietcong, scrisa chiar de eroina filmului – Kate Webb, un corespondent de razboi care a fost tinut captiv timp de 23 de zile in junglele din Cambodia, in timpul Razboiului din Vietnam.

“As one of the few women reporters to cover the Vietnam War, Kate Webb endured and ultimately survived the most harrowing experiences a war correspondent could ever face,” a declarat Michael Bloom, presedintele First Look Media. “In a time where journalism is being tested today, we’re excited that Carey will portray this fearless woman and look forward to partnering with her, Margot and Edet to bring this incredible story to life.”.

Carey Mulligan va fi si producatorul filmului, alaturi de Margot Hand de la Picture Films si Edet Belzberg de la EBM Productions. “I’m so excited to bring Kate Webb’s remarkable story to the screen,” a declarat Mulligan. “Her integrity, curiosity about the unknown and tenacity set her apart from many other journalists of her time and ultimately saved her life. In a world of increasing division, I can’t think of a more relevant character to portray today. Someone who’s very survival depended on her desire to understand the other side of the story, to obtain the truth and to report it faithfully. It is an honour to embark on this project with such a talented team of producers.”.

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